Welcome to RESTED!

For moms and babies who want to feel rested, respected, and connected

Welcome to RESTED!

Welcome, welcome!

Rested! connects moms over a shared resolve to help their baby sleep well in a way that feels right, is truly kind and respectful, doesn't require crying, and yet effectively helps improve sleep when needed, allows you to function at home and in society, and instills a love of sleep for a lifetime of healthy sleeping.

If you're a mom who values your own and your baby's sleep, you don't want to use harsh methods, you want what's best, safest, and healthiest for your baby, and at the same time need to function in everyday life, you're in the right place.

We're here to welcome you with open arms, dedicated to getting / keeping you RESTED!

We do this by helping your baby sleep and maximizing sleep for yourself, me-time for you with doable self-care boosts, and spending time as adults, with like-minded moms.

You may not feel 100% supported in your sleep parenting by everyone in your family or friend circle but here at Rested! the room is full of moms who get it!

We're here for more than that too: 

Rested! represents the power of coming together over the universal value of respect for all mothers and babies. We're here to support all moms in today's demanding society, a society that often alienates motherhood from what's normal and natural to happen, to feel, and to want. We're here for kind, warm-hearted, judgment-free support, in joy and in tears, to make sure you are supported, helped when needed, and rested.

We're also about women being there for women, in a kind and uplifting way. There's no competition: "my baby sleeps better than yours" is not a thing here. 

What matters is that you feel as good as possible as a mom, feel connected & supported in doing things your way, and get guidance if you're not yet completely sure what your way is.

Whether You’re Up All Night Or Sleeping Well Right Now, We've Got You:

  • If your baby or toddler is currently not sleeping well and you want to get more sleep for them, yourself, and the whole family, you'll probably find yourself most often in our Live and Async Q & A's, 1:1 consults, and access + support for all Baby Sleep Advice's award-winning baby sleep programs
  • If you're pregnant or have a newborn, we’ve got specific topic events for you, Live and Async Q&A’s, exclusive groups, and 1:1 access if you want it, to set you up for the best sleep suitable right now, and to prevent sleep struggles in the upcoming months and years
  • If your baby is sleeping well right now, we’ve got discussion groups, and expert topic events to help you keep sleep optimal and maximize your well-being and rest, and be an active part, potentially as an ambassador, of the movement toward respectful sleep parenting for all

Rested! feels like this strong, warm, open-armed, welcoming place to be where I've learned to help my baby sleep well and finally met other moms who understand me

When you join RESTED! you'll receive:

Being a part of this beautiful, kind, supportive, and uplifting community proves to be priceless in itself

On top of that, your membership gives you ALL-IN access to:

Live and Async Q&A sessions
Weekly Check-Ins and Self-Care Nudges
Bite-sized topic events with pediatric experts*
Access + Support to ALL Baby Sleep Programs**
The Nap Lab***

*keeping our events short and focused on the practical is one of the ways we fight overwhelm

**not available during free trial periods

***in the Nap Lab we help you find the unique sleep schedule that best suits your baby right now and help you both ease into that schedule (meaning: no forcing into a schedule but gradually adjusting to a schedule that in its turn fosters easier setting and longer sleep stretches)

Being on Rested! for even just 5 minutes a day while holding or feeding, makes all the difference

About Your Community Hosts

Hi! We, your hosts are your team of passionate baby sleep consultants of Baby-sleep-Advice.com, since 2008 parents' trusted and loved place for truly kind, truly no-tears, and truly effective baby sleep help:

Heidi Holvoet, PhD, baby sleep consultant and founder of Baby Sleep Advice and Rested!
Tessa Marks, clinical psychologist, yoga teacher, baby sleep consultant @rested!
Stephanie Sanders, yoga and mindfulness teacher, public relations specialist, baby sleep consultant @rested!
Inge Marks, biological psychologist, baby sleep consultant @rested!

We can't wait to welcome you in, help you and your baby sleep and together, make the world an easier place for all moms and babies, one night at a time